An initial 4A N2...?

Douglas Bigham TlhovwI at AOL.COM
Sat Jun 29 06:10:42 UTC 2002

Two things:

Concerning calculators, my favorite calculator trick was always:
1 girl, takes 16 guys, and does 69, times 3.  What is she? (11669x3)= 35007
(loose!, ha! Ha! oh, fifth grade humor is still funny!).  There were others,
one ended with 58008, which was supposed to be "boobs", but I don't remember

Concerning txting shortcuts, either the chinese or japanese speaking students
I was in class with about 2 years ago mentioned that in their e-mails, 881
was used as an ending.  Regretfully, I'm not versed on either language, but
in one of them, pronouncing the numbers gives you something that sounds very
much like "bye-bye" (or, I guess "buh-bye").

Douglas S. Bigham,
In Transition...

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