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Coming Soon: A 'Telephone Tooth' 
Fri Jun 28, 2:04 PM ET By THOMAS WAGNER, Associated Press Writer LONDON (AP) 
- Tired of losing your cell phone? (...)
Two British inventors unveiled a prototype of a device Friday that could 
solve those problems.

But there's a drawback — your dentist would have to install it inside one of 
your molars.

Unofficially known as the "telephone tooth," the device would allow you to 
receive phone calls, listen to music, even connect to verbal sites on the 
Internet ( <A HREF="**">news</A> - <A HREF="**">external web site</A>) without anyone nearby hearing a thing. 

So far, no company has announced it is making the device. (...)
However, the device, also known as the "molar mobile," does not allow people 
to talk back to callers or make outgoing calls.

Auger said the "telephone tooth" is just another device designed to help 
people better cope with existing technology: like the flight suits developed 
to allow pilots make tight turns in high-speed warplanes without blacking 

The "telephone tooth" would place a small device in a person's back molar 
that includes a wireless, low-frequency receiver and a gadget that turns 
audio signals into mechanical vibrations, which would pass from the tooth 
directly to the inner ear as clear sounds.

The user also would keep a tiny device outside his body to turn the cellphone 
on and off and to program it.

On Friday, people lined up at the Science Museum to try out a prototype of 
the "telephone tooth," which is officially known as the audio tooth implant. 
The crude imitation of the device included a walkie-talkie and a plastic 
cocktail stick that users placed in their mouths...
(But is there a tooth fairy????--ed.)

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