Next store

Rudolph C Troike rtroike at U.ARIZONA.EDU
Sun Jun 30 23:37:17 UTC 2002

One of my former students sent the message below confirming the earlier
story I forwarded about a NYC student who wrote "next store" when the
instructor assumed "next door" was meant. This shows that the usage is not
just idiosyncratic. Fieldworkers from outside NYC would have to be careful
about imposing the wrong interpretation on the phonetic sequence.


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       I had to get back to you about the "next store" thing.  I say that to
this day because when I was a kid we lived over a beauty salon on 8th Av. My
married sister lived "next store" over the candy store.  I never realized
what I was saying because, of course, everyone in Brooklyn speaks the right
way.  Don't unnerstand why you guys don't get it.  Thanks for the insight.

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