Taking Bush Serious(ly)

Drew Danielson andrew.danielson at CMU.EDU
Mon Mar 4 16:22:32 UTC 2002

sagehen wrote:
>   Robert Fitzke wrote:
> >Another Bush-ism I've read about is his use of the phrase "not over my dead
> >body" in reference to a tax increase. I expected some comments about this
> >use but have seen none. Wouldn't the appropriate phrase be "over my dead
> >body"?
> >
> >Bob (a lurker)
> ~~~~~~~~
> Maybe this one was so ridiculous  that it left people speechless. I never
> even heard any of the usual spinners that follow in the wake take this one
> on.  Probably holding their breaths hoping it would just fade away.
> A. Murie

It may be that the talking heads are not comfortable referring to the
'president's dead body', and thought better of correcting this one.

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