strip "pididdle," anyone?

Natalie Maynor maynor at CS.MSSTATE.EDU
Wed Mar 6 17:20:31 UTC 2002

In Mississippi in the '50s, we in Jackson said "cockeye" instead of
"pididdle," but friends I visited in Wiggins, Mississippi, indeed said
"pididdle."  I well remember when one of those Wiggins friends was visiting
me in Jackson and surprised her blind date by suddenly slugging him,
uttering "pididdle."  He hadn't noticed the car.  If she'd said "cockeye,"
he would of course have known what was happening.

The rules of the game we played were rather sexist:  If the girl saw the
car (with one burned-out headlight) first, she said "cockeye" and slapped
the boy; if the boy saw it first, he said "cockeye" and kissed the girl.
The rules of the game were the same in Wiggins, except for saying
"pididdle" instead of "cockeye."
 -- Natalie Maynor (maynor at

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