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>Punch buggy was a regular past time in our NJ/IN family in the 70's, and
>that's how we said it. The phrase was "Punch buggy [yellow] - no punch
>backs!" - making sure the other person didn't cheat and claim the same car.
>Going through second-childhood college road trips in TX in the early 90's
>however, I was informed that the "correct" phrase was "Slug Bug!"
>Kathleen E. Miller
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>At 01:09 PM 3/6/02 -0500, you wrote:
>>Adding to what Lynne M says below, in the Cleveland, OH area (late 60s) we
>>also had "paduncle" (sp?) when a rear light was out.  Both this and padiddle
>>allowed the seer to kiss his/her date (the typical setting in which this was
>>Also, let me add the game "Punch Buggy", which my kids and others in CT play
>>now, and have for some years.  If one sees an old VW Beetle, one says "Punch
>>Buggy [the color of the car]", and one then has the "right" to punch another
>>kid.  Typically, one says, "Punch Buggy red" (or whatever) and immediately
>>punches someone lightly on the upper arm.
>>Frank Abate
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>>Actually, all this p[]diddle talk has suddenly made me remember...
>>we had a variation of our 'perdiddle' that was 'perdiddle/padaddle'.  You
>>said 'perdiddle' if the headlight was out, but 'padaddle' if one of the
>>rear lights was out.  I think you still hit or kissed in any case.  Google
>>search has nothing for 'padaddle'.  I'll check with folks from my childhood
>>and see if I can get any confirmation.
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