Benjamin Fortson fortson at FAS.HARVARD.EDU
Wed Mar 13 14:17:28 UTC 2002

Isn't there (or wasn't there) a jazz trombonist with the nickname
"T-Bone"? Or maybe more than one. I should know this, coming from New
Orleans, but it's only a vague recollection...

On Tue, 12 Mar 2002, James A. Landau wrote:

> AOL news is currently reporting "Jury Finds Yates Case Guilty".  And you
> thought President Bush had trouble with the English language...
> According to the orthographically challanged [their spelling] band at my
> daughter's high school, the brass instrument with the slide is called a
> "T-bone".
> Computer network security people refer to the part of a network on the public
> side of the firewall as the "DMZ", yes, "demilitarized zone".
>        - Jim Landau

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