"moi" (was: MWA! MWA!)

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Thu Mar 14 19:11:48 UTC 2002

At 1:57 PM -0500 3/14/02, Drew Danielson wrote:
>I am as used to hearing "who, moi?" in this sense as I am (just plain
>ol') "moi?"  Maybe searching for the "who.." morph will turn up results?
>I tried it in Google with generally relevant results (but nothing worth
>anything for dating, so far).  Not finding anything in Lexis-Nexis, but
>I am not as familiar....

Actually, there was a "who, moi?" in a headline from this week's
Times; I was just recycling it.  Let me find it on Nexis...

The New York Times
March 10, 2002, Sunday, Late Edition - Final

  SECTION: Section 9; Page 1; Column 1; Style Desk

  LENGTH: 1396 words

  HEADLINE: 'Who, Moi?' Mummies Ask On Park Ave.


  IT is the question furtively whispered at cocktail parties, bandied
about the hallways of Manhattan's private schools and grumbled about
behind bedroom doors in Park Avenue prewar duplexes: Who is Mrs. X?

  From the fictional point of view, Mrs. X is the piquant central
character in "The Nanny Diaries," a novel from St. Martin's Press
that arrived in bookstores about two weeks ago. The authors, Emma
McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus, worked as nannies in the 1990's for
about 30 New York families, by their count.  Drawing on their
experiences, they wrote a novel about the high-end misbehavior to
which their heroine, Nanny, is privy...

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