h in what and where

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I retain hw- at least in stressed environments.  I suspect the h- weakens
to the vanishing point the lower the stress.

Age 60, living in Oregon, grew up in CA and OR but have lived just about
everywhere else in the meantime.  I suspect I got the hw- from one or both
of my parents (from Iowa and Texas/Oklahoma, respectively) rather than from
my peers.  I distinctly remember a grade school playmate in CA telling me
about the "How and Wy Books" and being vaguely annoyed at her pronunciation
(alas, a curmudgeon even at an early age).

Peter Mc.

--On Monday, March 18, 2002 11:37 AM -0800 James Smith
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> I do.  Age 56.  Salt Lake City area most of my life
> (so far).  For research purposes only, I'm white,
> middle-class.
>               --- Paul Frank <paulfrank at WANADOO.FR>
> wrote:
>> I'm curious: Who pronounces the h in what and where?
>> Does it depend on age,
>> region, race, or class?
>> Paul
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