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Is there a geographical pattern to this difference in usage?

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Here it is, but I'm compiling results right now, so it's a little
for others to contribute.


On a copy editors' list, we have been having a discussion that led me
to do a survey of the listmembers. I'd also like some opinions of
people who aren't copy editors. Anyone who wants to help, please
your answers to me privately so that we don't bother other natterers.

1. Which of these ways would you express "I enjoyed it lots/a great
deal/hugely/infinitely"? (a)I enjoyed it no end. (b)I enjoyed it to

Which of these ways would you express "The music irritated him
(c)The music irritated him to no end.
(d)The music irritated him no end.

2. In what decade were you born? (or give exact year if you want to)

3. In what region of what country do you think you learned this

Thanks so much!

Carol Kennedy

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