Mine Run, So. Ill. Ran

Alice Faber faber at HASKINS.YALE.EDU
Sun Mar 24 02:32:53 UTC 2002

Laurence Horn said:
>At 3:48 AM -0500 3/23/02, Douglas Bigham wrote:
>>I've shed my silent tear already.
>>Douglas S. Bigham
>>Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
>and for every such tear of resignation, silent or otherwise, from
>Salukiland, there's a tear of relief from your ADS-L mates here in
>UConn country
>larry (and alice?)

And Alice...though I do have a tendency never to root for teams at
institutions I've taught at. On the other hand, a 36-0 record is nothing to
sneeze at.

Or did you mean the *other* UCONN team?

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