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> Subject: regional food

> Perhaps the
> listers would take a moment and forward to me (or to the list) terms
> for food items, processes, or implements that have arisen in the last
> 20 years.


Let's see, here are some local terms I *think* are less than 20 years old
(though "Texas toast", now that I think back to the Dairy Queen days of my
youth, may have been around longer):

"Texas toast" (very thick slices of toasted bread)

"Texas caviar" (a cold salad of black-eyed-peas, jalapenos, etc.)

tex-mex versions of the "wrap", e.g. "fajita wrap" (This one is
interesting to me, because a fajita was basically already a "wrap": fajita
meat and condiments wrapped in a tortilla.)

"Mexican martini" (tequila-based instead of gin-based)

I've seen some wordplay on traditional tex-mex items: e.g. "chile con
queso" becomes "queso con chiles", to emphasize that it's mostly cheese.

Some others that are not regional:

"tofurky" (or "tofurkey")
"veggie burger" / "garden burger"
(and other 'meat alternative' foods)

"sports drink"


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