Nouveau Riches, Restaurateur, Peseta (1801)

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Sun Mar 31 05:23:51 UTC 2002

by Victor Marie du Pont
edited by Charles W. David
Kennikat Press, Port Washington, NY

Pg. 26:  ...where the players of the Vaudeville(58) performed...
58. The Theatre de Vaudeville, on the rue de Chartres-Saint-Honore, established in 1782.

Pg. 54:  The 29th--I dined at a Restaurateur with my brothers Irenee and Pelleport...
(The date is March 29, 1801.  OED has this sense of "restaurateur" for Dec. 1801--ed.)

Pg. 55:  The _nouveau riches_ who display such unbounded luxury in the interior of their houses, do not dare yet to affect the same so much in public, and their equipages are very plain.
(OED has 1813 for "nouveau riches"--ed.)

Pg. 68:  We went all night and stopped only for din(n)er next day at Barbezieux, at a man famous for the _truffes pyes_(79) he makes in the winter and which are sent to Paris (and) to the first capitals of EUrope and even in the West Indies.
79, _Pates truffes_.  The truffles of this region have been famous since the fifteenth century.
(OED does not have "truffle pie"--ed.)

Pg. 72:  Over the ferry a Corporal takes your names and a Custom house officer your _pistareens_,(21) or _pesetas.(22)
21. MS _pistoreens_.  Pistareen is a word of AMerican or West Indian origin sometimes applied to the old SPanish peseta.
22. MS _pezetas_.
(OED has 1774 for "pistareen," 1811 for "peseta"--ed.)

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