Schnitzl, Kneipe, Forelle, Walpurgisnacht

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by The Baroness Blaze de Bury
In Two Volumes
London: Henry Colburn

Pg. 167:  A _Kneipe_ is not only a tavern, it is a "_hole_;" a cellar, in large cities; in villages, a hedge-side inn; the resort of the low-minded, weak-spirited, debauched; the spot where the flicker of noisome lamps is reddest, the smoke of the _Meerschaum_ most dense, and where ribald songs are trolled forth in the huskiest and most broken tones; the preparatory school for the hospital, the workhouse, and the lunatic asylum.
(OED has 1854 for "kneipe"--ed.)

Pg. 282:  These _Damen Caffees_, where ladies assemble after dinner to discuss ham, chocolate, and psychology, are formidable things, let me tell you, and not to be encountered lightly.

Pg. 25:  ...little black object moved quickly about in the uncertain night-light, like so many bats hovering near to earth, or a _Walpurgisnacht_* of Brobdignagian rats.
*The witches' Sabbath on the Brocken, on the 1st of May.
(OED's second "Walpurgisnacht" after Goethe--ed.)

Pg. 30:  "It was worth cooking for people who knew how to speak!" said she often; and thereby took to her _Kalberne Schnitzl_ and _Mehlspeisen_ with renewed arbour.*
*The first are a kind of thin veal cutlet, the last comprise all that can be made with flour.
(OED has 1854 for "schnitzel"--ed.)

Pg. 32:  One day, when convalescence had begun, was wiled away in going to catch _Forelles_* at Munzkirchen, a village some six or eight miles off...
*The river and lake trout.
(OED has 1882 for "forelle"--ed.)

Pg. 53:  The upshot of the conversation was "fried chickens" and _Rostbraten_, (_Anglice_, the upper coating of a beefsteak frizzled, with onions round it as black as itself).

Pg. 293:  *_Kief_ is the expression used to describe that state of entire, perfect repose and _bien-etre_, which can only be felt to a similar degree by an Eastern, and which nothing can make a European comprehend.  No Turk goes through his day (Pg. 294--ed.) without using the word, or could live without experiencing the thing.
(Second OED cite?--ed.)

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