Ed Keer edkeer at YAHOO.COM
Thu May 2 18:24:14 UTC 2002

On colorway, my wife has this to say:

>That's interesting, but the term is used all the time
>in the design
>today.  It's not obscure at all.  Every person I work
>with and know in
>home textiles,(woven and prints,) as well as in the
>ready to wear
>uses the term colorway to refer to any given number
of >colors and / or
>fabrics swatches grouped together to complete or tell
>a , get this
>one...color story!


--- Mark A Mandel <mam at THEWORLD.COM> wrote:
> On Thu, 2 May 2002, Ed Keer wrote:
> # [My wife] also uses
> #"color sense" which means a designers sense of what
> #colors go well together, as in "Mary has good color
> #sense."
> I have often heard "color sense" in this meaning,
> not
> particularly in any art/design-professional context,
> but
> "colorway" never before seeing the example I posted.
> Here's a recent citation, with a hyphen:
> One wouldn't guess his wealth to look at him, for he
> dressed like a
> workman, if there were any workmen so lacking in
> color-sense.
>   -- Lois McMaster Bujold, _Memory_, Ch.28, Copr.
> 1996,
>      pp. 429-430 in the Baen Books Original first
> paper printing
> -- Mark A. Mandel

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