SIGNIFICANT OTHER: Increasingly Significant Issue

Charles Wells charles at FREUDE.COM
Sat May 4 19:08:15 UTC 2002

>>Oberlin, where I live, is often culturally ahead of things, so what is
>>done here might be significant.  What I hear a lot of is
>>"partner".  However, I also know gay couples who refer to each other as
>>"spouse" and make an explicit point that they are married.  I suspect
>>that is the coming thing.

I know lesbian couples, too, but I haven't heard them refer to each other
as spouse.  I don't think that is significant; I don't know enough of them.

By the way, I first heard the word "gay" here in Oberlin from a lesbian
student who described herself to me as gay, in 1961.  Over the decades,
"gay" has come more frequently to refer to men only.


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