Palatschinken, Haluska, Frankfurter (Baedeker, 1911)

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by Karl Baedeker

   OED has 1929 for "palatschinken."  OED does not have anything at all for "halusky."  The "frankfurter" (in the Vienna section) was of interest; perhaps Baedeker has earlier.
   No "pastrami" in the Bucharest food items.
   Many of the other terms probably aren't English, but are here for others to judge.

Pg. xix (Austria):
   Some of the Austrian dishes have curious names: "Garniertes Rindfleisch" or "Feines Rindfleisch," boiled beef with vegetables, usually good; "Gulyas" (goulasch), steamed hash with red-pepper sauce; "Paprikahuhn," fowl similarly dressed; "Jungfern-Braten," baked pork with cumin; "Matrosen-Braten," "Gedampfer Spitz," "Lungen-Braten," "Ofener Braten," "Husaren-Braten," varieties of stewed beef; "Ungarisches Rebhuhn," pickled pork; "Fisolen," beans; "Heurige Erdapfel," new potatoes; "Carfiol," cauliflower; "Paradiesapfel," tomatoes; "Kren," horse-radish; "Aspic," jelly; "Risibisi," rice and peas; "Beuschel," calves' lungs in vinegar; "Junges Wild," ragout or entrails of game, etc.; "Kaiserfleisch," smoked sucking-pig; "Krenfleisch," stewed pork with horse-radish; "Frankfurter," small smoked sausages.--Cold dishes and whets are grouped under "Hors d'oeuvres" or "Assietten."--Favourite sweet dishes are: "Palatschinken," pancakes; "Strudel mit Roster," thin pastry with custard or curds and (Pg. xx--ed.) jam; "Schmarrn," pancakes torn into small pieces and then rebaked; "Bohmische Dalken," pastry with plum-jam (powidl); "Halushka," dumplings stewed in lard and sprinkled with curds; "Koch," souffle.

Pg. 440 (Hungary):
   Among the characteristic Hungarian dishes are "Gulyas" and "paprika-hun," see pg. xix.  "Kukurnz," corn on the cob, eaten as in America; "Gefulltes Paprika," paprika pods filled with minced meat; "Porkolt," a variety of gulyas; "Tarhonya," a kind of macaroni; "Halaszle," chowder.

Pg. 563 (Bucharest):
   Some popular national dishes are _Fleica_, beef roasted on the spit; _Carnati_, spit-roasted beef-sausages; _Ciorba_, a kind of sour soup, made with lamb or chicken; _Ardei umpluti_, paprika-pods filled with rice and minced meats.

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