"At Large in the Blogosphere" in tomorrow's Times

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Sun May 5 19:27:54 UTC 2002

At 8:51 AM -0700 5/5/02, Jewls2u wrote:
>I heard the term blog in 1980, but not as it pertains to the internet.

Different term "blog".  No web, no weblog; no weblog, no blog.
Maybe yours was an alteration of glo:gg?  (If you've had enough, you
can't tell a b from a g, and the umlaut probably fell into the tub.)


>  It
>was a drink concocted by a blogmaster which included pretty much anything
>you could think of. It was mixed in a large galvanized tub and if you were
>still standing when the tub was nearing empty you could see chunks of fruit,
>sand and assorted plastic toys lurking near the bottom.
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>No, not Safire, but the Book Review, whose "Close Reader" column
>(inside back cover, p. 31) by Judith Shulevitz under the above title
>is all about blogs (<weblogs, an interesting morphologically opaque
>truncation we may have previously discussed) and bloggers.  (A blog
>is 'an on-line news commentary written, usually, by an ordinary
>citizen, thick with links to articles and other blogs and studded
>with non sequiturs and ripostes in sometimes hard-to-parse
>squabbles.) There's also a cite of a reference by Alex Beam in the
>Boston Globe to "Blogistan":  "the Internet-based journalistic medium
>where no thought goes unpublished, no long-out-of-print book goes

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