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> Generally modern usage seems to imply "pandering to simplistic views
>  in the electorate" and on the right of politics.

"UQ.EDU.AU" is University of Queensland, Australia?

In the USA "populist" means "pandering to simplistic views in the electorate"
but without any implication of right-wing politics.  I have no quotes handy
and am not interested in looking for any, but I believe that if you start
digging through articles DESRIBING (rather than promoting) our ex-President
Clinton, you will find a fair number that refer to his "populist" speeches
etc.  The term was used more frequently to describe the actions of our
ex-President Carter.

It may be significant that W. J. B. Clinton and J. E. Carter Jr. publicly
used "Bill" and "Jimmy" as their use-names.  They were among the most
"folksy" of our recent Presidents.

It is interesting that ex-President R. W Reagan was never (or almost never)
referred to as a "populist" although he was, in his own way, as "folksy" as
Clinton or Carter.  Perhaps it demonstrates that in the USA in the last say
50 years "populist" is used ONLY to refer to members of the Democratic Party,
never to those of the Republican Party.

    James A. Landau

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