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Towse self at TOWSE.COM
Tue May 7 17:44:40 UTC 2002

Jewls2u wrote:
> Isn't transgender a sexual identification used for the very small segment of
> the population that is actually born with ambiguous genitalial? Making their
> sex/gender neither male nor instead of being identified as
> 'its', they are transgender.
> Julienne

Transgender is _not just a categorization for people born with
ambiguous genitalia. The term I've heard for that physical
identity is "intersexual" or "hermaphrodite."

The "transgender" category includes people who are born "male"
but identify themselves as "female" and vice versa. Some of these
people opt for sex altering surgery. Others opt not for surgery
but, instead, to live their lives transgendered.

Try checking your favorite search engine for /transgender FAQ/.

Another concern of the transgendered is gender-neutrality in
language. See the Gender-Neutral Pronoun FAQ.


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