Gender options (an "XX" rated article)

James A. Landau JJJRLandau at AOL.COM
Tue May 7 22:52:44 UTC 2002

_Philadelphia Inquirer_ May 7, 2002, page D1 (w/ jump to D2), article
"Women's rowers find themselves in demand"

written by "Ira Josephs" (how's that for an androgynous name?) (Not to be
confused with "IRA", a pension plan for Irish terrorists)

column 5 "...Title IX, the 1972 federal legislation mandating gender equity
in college sports".  and page D2 column 3 "A lot of money is going toward
women's rowing programs to achieve gender equity".

page D2 column 4 "[the] Philadelphia area, which many college coahces
consider a hotbed for rowing"  a what for rowing?

page D2 column 4 "They can fish the Schuykill and the Cooper River in Camden
County for scores of quality collegiate female prospects."  SAT scores?  Two
paragraphs later in column 4 "Scholastically, new teams seem to surface every
year." so it's more likely College Bowl scores.

page D2 column 3 "Some of these big football program you can't counteract
with a [women's] golf team or volleyball team."  counteract?  or should it be

and of course these women are competing in some nine women's events in the
"Dad Vail Regatta".

The first three paragraphs on page D1 discuss a girl (I suppose that's the
proper term for a female high school senior) who rows for, what else, the
Bachelors Barge Club.

Perhaps Mr./Ms Josephs should hire him/herself out to think up decent names
for colleges whose imagination does not run beyond calling their women's
basketball team the "Lady Boilermakers".

        - Jim Landau (whose accountant doesn't know who lives at 401 K Street)

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