Couscous, Posada, Souk, Bismillah (1671)

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by Lancelot Addison
Oxford: the Theater at Oxford
(Early English Books Online)

   No, I meant that I thought Yale had THIS book, but it's at the Huntington
Library..."Battagenas" was a slight misspelling--see original.
Berengenas?...This is about 20 years before the first "tomato" in a
cookbook...This is the best early book in EEBO on Morocco.
   I don't think OED cites from the book at all.

Pg. 17:  He had been at _Mecha_ in Devotion, and of course received for that
_visitation_ the title of _Hadge_, granted to all that have performed the
_Hage_, or Pilgrimage to their Prophet's Tomb.
(OED has 1612, then 1683 for "hajj"--ed.)

Pg. 45:  ...a _Mulatto_ (one whose Father was white, and Mother black)...

Pg. 92:  The one they call _Pharouk_, which is of a lesser size, hungry and
course, much resembling, if not altogether the same, with the Spanish
_Panizo_, and it is only the more beggarly Moors that use this for bread.
The other is known among them by the name of _Tourkia_, which is a large body
than the former, and yields food flower, where of bread is made for the
Nobles of the Land.
(OED for these grains?--ed.)

Pg. 93:  ..._Ramadan_ (Lent)...
(OED has 1601, then 1695--ed.)

Pg. 95:  ...stone, call'd _Matamoras_, in which they reposite their Corn...
(The revised OED has 1695 for "mattamore"--ed.)

Pg. 103:  The other sort of _Moors_ are vulgarly called _Barabars_, but by a
Dialect _Brebers_.
(See OED's "Berber"--ed.)

Pg. 115:  ..._Bismillah, (Pg. 116--ed.) that is, in the name of God...
(OED has a remarkably late 1813, when "Bismillah" was coined by Lord Byron.
Bismillah!  Scaramouche, Scaramouche, can you do the fandango?--ed.)

Pg. 135:  At whose House the table was adorned as bewfore, and for supper
there was placed upon it an Earthen pot full of Mutton, Beef, Cabage,
Raisins, Potato's, Berengenas, &c. all boyled together, and extreamly hot
with Dimicuto and Garlick, which is their immutable sawce.  This hodge-podge
was in imitation of the _Spanish Olla Podrida_, excepting that it wanted
Bacon, an Ingredient so indispensable to the _Spanish Olla_, that there can
be none without it, which occasion'd this Proverb, _No Sermon without_ St.
Austin, _nor_ Olla _without Bacon_: _Ny sermon_ Augostino, _ny_ Olla _sin
(See previous ADS-L posts for this proverb in later accounts--ed.)

Pg. 126:  Now that which makes Journying in _Barbary_ so full of Fatigue, is
the want of Houses of Publick Entertainment (like the _Venta_'s and
_Posada_'s in _Spain_; the _Caborets_ and _Hostelries_ in _France_; (Pg.
127--ed.) and Inns of _England_) whereby the Travellers are constrain'd to
carry Provisions with them.
(OED has 1763 for "posada"--ed.)

Pg. 130:  They have two dishes in singular esteem, the chief whereof
_Ensousson_, which is made of Water and Flower, or grated Bread, boyled into
a Consistence, into which they put Butter, or any Kitchin-stuff: And this
they eat without spoons; for when it is ready, every one that is admitted to
taste it, dives into it with his hand, and danceing it in his fist, till it
be shap'd into a Ball and cool'd, then casts it into his mouth.  The other
dish is known by the name of _Pillow_, vulgarly pronounced _Plow_, and it is
the same with that which I said has so near a resemblance with the Spanish
_Olla Podrida_.
(Another spelling of "couscous"--ed.)

Pg. 131:  _Bonuelo_'s, or small Loaves boyled in Oyl, which they eeat with
Sugar, or Honey.

Pg. 145:  But the penalty is very tolerable, being no more than five or six
pounds of _cuscussow_, which the offender brings to the Giamma, where it is
eaten by the Priest and the Assembly.
(OED has 1600, then 1695 for "couscous"--ed.)

Pg. 150:  ..discourse in a Mosch, as in a public _Borsa_ or _Exchange_...

Pg. 173:  ..._Alsouck_ or Market...
(OED has a remarkably late 1826 for "souk," which is here more than

Pg. 178:  But the contempt is reciprocal, for if the Moor by way of Proverb
say, _As deceitful as a Jew_, the _Jew_ repayes, _as unbelieving as a Moor_.

Pg. 198:  ...seeveral dishes of cuscussow...
              ...then they eate at the Cuscussow and depart.

Pg. 216:  ...they make a _Gotcha_, or Hodge-podge of Flower, Water, Butter
and Honey...
(See past ADS-L post--ed.)

Pg. 223:  The _Moors_ have an Hell (Re-check word--ed.) called _La Halis_,
(Pg. 224--ed.) which mingled with Honey, they make up into Balls as big as
Pistol Bullets, and of these they swallow five or six at a time, which they
find to procure Appetite, further Digestion, and to make Frolick, Amorous and
(See past ADS-L post--ed.)

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