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>> There is a small /Dictionary of word roots and combining forms/, Donald
> Borror, N.P.Publications, Palo Alto, 1960. 134 pp. Lib.Cong.# 60-15564.
> This is principally intended to illuminate scientific language.  "Compiled
> from the Greek, Latin, and other languages, with special reference to
> biological and scientific names".
> A. Murie

There's also a textbook by Donald Ayers called _English words from Latin
and Greek elements_  (University of Arizona Press, 1965), but it's not
organised like a dictionary, nor do I think it's anywhere near complete in
its coverage.  It was the text of a particularly easy and enjoyable summer
course I took one year.  I was assigned to do a presentation on Latin and
Greek roots in sewage terminology.  Don't ask me why...


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