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> >And the existence of the phrase "Sloane Rangers" implies that the British are
>>familiar with the phrase "Lone Ranger"....<
>Is that expression still current?  I'd have thought it'd be passe by now.
>It was around in the late 60's.  It contrasted oddly with the Sloane Square
>hostel, which was the rattiest of all the London youth hostels at that time.

I recall having heard "Sloane Ranger" applied to Diana Spencer around the time she became Princess Diana.  No, I haven't heard it since.

from the Lord Chancellor's patter song in Iolanthe:
   ...they're a ravenous horde
   and they all came aboard
   at Sloane Square and South Kensington stations

       - Jim Landau

"You could use a nose job" ---Debbie Friedman to the Phillie Phanatic, 19 May 2002

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