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Mon May 20 22:05:26 UTC 2002

"Kathleen E. Miller" wrote:
> Hello all --
> Thanks to the people who have already helped with parts of his latest
> request, without you I would have had nothing at all, but, desperation has
> set in. I've been searching, well, all day. I've got it in The NY Times in
> '80, " connect-the-dots fashion. ..." The Globe and Mail '82, AP in
> '87. Got a literal hit in 1898. An expert's ideas about "connecting the
> nine dots." And a couple of modern poems.
> I have not been able to pin down the origin of the name of the game,
> approximate date from literal meaning, to name of game, to metaphor, etc.-
> and I'm hoping someone can point my in the right direction.
> Once again many thanks.
> Katy

When I was a child in the fifties, we used to have books filled
with connect-the-dots puzzles where you would connect dot#1 to
dot#2 to dot#3 ... to magically create a picture that looked like
a snowman or a giraffe or the Taj Mahal.

Are you looking for the origin of these puzzles or ?

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