Hat trick?

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If I remember correctly, a hat trick in basketball is when a player shooting free throws *misses* all three (3 for 2).  I have not heard this in a long time, tho.  But it would be very useful now,  now that Shaq is on the line so much.
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Laurence Horn wrote:
>At 10:31 PM -0400 5/19/02, Alice Faber wrote:
>>Dennis R. Preston wrote:
>>>In a strange game (apparently played where water freezes even outside
>>>refrigerators) three scores (goals) are known as a "hat trick." Why?
>>You *gots* to pay more attention to your local news, Dennis! A hat trick is
>>when the three goals are scored by the same player, so it's a pretty rare
>>occurrence. Especially when it happens in a tense conference championship
>>game, and the player who does it has never before done it in his career.
>>So, three goals in a game isn't unusual; three goals by the same player is.
>>I could come up with comparably rare feats in other sports, but I'll
>>spare you.
>And an even rarer feat is the *natural* hat trick, not to imply that
>the other kinds are unnatural.  (If i'm not mistaken--and i'm much
>likelier to be about hockey than the other "major" sports--the
>natural kind entails a player scoring on three consecutive shots,
>with no missed shots in between.)

This is a FAQ on the various hockey newsgroups. There are two
interpretations of "natural hat trick" out there. One is scoring
three consecutive goals (with the possibility of intervening shots,
but no intervening scores, by either team). The other is scoring
three goals in the same period. I wasn't watching the game Saturday,
but I believe that the hat trick scored in the Denver-Detroit game
was natural, by either definition.

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