Johnson, Ellen ejohnson at BERRY.EDU
Tue May 21 16:23:11 UTC 2002

 So I don't think 'native speaker
of English' is a widespread use of the term.

well yes, of course, this is way too broad and doesn't acknowledge the racial implications. I realize now I am guilty of not seeing the whiteness implied in the term.  amazing how the ethnicity of the domiinant group becomes invisible even to those of us who think we should know better.  and here in the southern US, we are so accustomed to thinking of ethnicity as a dichotomy: black/white, that the error of lumping all non-hispanics under the label of anglo was all too easy to make.  the demographic shift from black/white to multicultural is posing conceptual challenges to many hereabouts.  mea culpa.


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