Grant Barrett gbarrett at WORLDNEWYORK.ORG
Tue May 21 18:17:31 UTC 2002

On 5/21/02 13:03, "Joanne M. Despres" <jdespres at MERRIAM-WEBSTER.COM> wrote:

> A Latina friend recently explained to me the difference (apart from
> the neutral vs. pejorative tone) between "Anglo" and "gringo":  she
> said that, within her Spanish-speaking community, "gringo" is used
> only to refer to non-hispanic, white, English-speaking Americans,
> whereas "Anglo" can refer to any non-hispanic, white, English-
> speaking North American, whether United Statesian or Canadian.
> "Gringo" therefore is equivalent to "Yankee" (or "yanqui").

This is contrary to what I encountered in South America (Colombia, Venezuela
and Ecuador): any non-Hispanophone white was a gringo, whether from the
States, Germany, Britain, etc.

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