He's our bastard (or S.O.B.?)

Dave Wilton dave at WILTON.NET
Thu May 23 20:30:33 UTC 2002

> curious.  I have it as FDR, also on Somoza (Anastasio Somoza GarcĂ­a,
> 1896-1956), but with a slightly different form:
> He may be an S.O.B., but he's *our* S.O.B.
> (euphemistic initialism in the original)
> True, I don't have a precise locus for it, and no, I wasn't dere,
> Charley.  Still, several web sites have the same version, mutatis
> mutandis, and if they're both apocryphal, the FDR " S.O.B." would
> antedate the HST  "bastard".

If they're both apocryphal there's no way to tell which came first. For all
we know the quotes could be attributed to them post mortem.

Doesn't sound much like FDR to me. But what do I know, I wasn't there
either. It's definitely something HST would say, which of course doesn't
mean he actually said it.

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