"Tzhvzhik" and other Armenian food

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Fri May 24 14:26:49 UTC 2002

   Greetings again from Yerevan, Armenia.  I have about five minutes for this.

   From a restaurant brochure titled Armenian cuisine":

khash, harisa, shashlik (BBQ), liulya, tzhvzhik, kiufta and all the dishes of the Armenian national cuisine, as well as khinkali, pancakes, Kiev cutlets, etc.
(OED's record of these words is dismal.  I'm pushing for "tzhvzhik," because I just love eight-letter words with only one vowel--ed.)

   From HSBC BUSINESS PROFILE SERIES, ARMENIA, First Edition, Second Qurater 1999, pg. 32 (FOOD & DRINK):

   The most traditional Armenian dish is _dolma_, which is made of cabbage and vine leaves stuffed with meat or rice.  Other specialties include _khorovats_, a barbecued dish of meats, kebabs, and _spas_, a rich yoghurt soup made with rice of corn.  Armenia is also famous for its trout fish particularly those from Lake Sevan (known locally as _ishghan_ or the "prince of all fish").  An unleavened bread known as _lavash_ is served with most meals.

(Even a business publication beats OED on these food terms!--ed.)

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