Khatchkar (stone cross); Armenian soups

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Fri May 24 17:34:58 UTC 2002

   Greetings from after-dinner in Yerevan.  School kids have graduated, and my restaurant--like every one in this city--was filled with dancing 16-year-old girls...One song was entirely in Armenian, and then the singer said: "One more time!"..."Hava Nagila" in Armenia!


   This important cultural term is not in the OED?  I've seen plenty of them; no two are supposed to be carved exactly alike.
   From HSBC BUSINESS PROFILE SERIES, ARMENIA, First Edition, Second Quarter 1999, pg. 33:

   One unique Armenian art form is the _khathckar_, which are intricately carved stone crosses found throughout the country.  The oldest _khatchkars_ date from the ninth century AD.


   Found at my restaurant with the dancing sixteen-year-olds:

Khash (soup made of beef legs)
Harisa (millet, poultry)
Spas (matsun, sour-cream, egg, millet)
Piti (split peas, meat, potatoes)
Kharcho (mutton, rice, spices)
Sawlyanka (meat, onions, tomatoes, pickles and olives)
Rahssawlneek (kidneys, potatoes and pickles)
Okroshka (cold soup, matsun, cucumbers, greens)

Kholodets (jellied beef or pork legs)
Tial (khaurma)(beef)
Mogeoge (pickled pork legs)

Swiss Cheese
Dutch Cheese
Cheese "Viola"
Cheese "Rockfor"
Cheese "Lori"
Cheese "Chanakh"
Cheese "Suluguni"

Urartu (passoa, gin, orange juice)

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