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>On Tue, 21 May 2002, Johnson, Ellen wrote:
> > there's another dot game where dots are drawn in a grid and you take
> >turns drawing one line (i,.e. connecting 2 dots horizontally or
> >vertically) at a time.  whoever makes a box puts their initials in it.
> >one with the most boxes wins.  sort of hard to explain without giving a
> >demonstration.  Ellen
>I played this growing up, but I have no idea what we called it, if
>-- Steve Kl.

This game came up in the research - called Dots-and-Boxes or
Pigs-and-Sties. It was a new one on me. The generation (or two) gap between
Safire and me proved that we have a totally different view of what
connect-the-dots is.

 From my childhood (early 70s), I remember a simple picture - with numbered
dots - not very stimulating.

 From his (early- 30s) he remembers something with clues and
cross-lettering - which would be neither dots-and-boxes nor connect-the-dots.

It should be interesting to see what kind of response we get from the game
description in the column. (06.02.02)


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