perception of gender in names

Arnold Zwicky zwicky at CSLI.STANFORD.EDU
Mon May 27 03:29:59 UTC 2002

addition to the earlier bibliography:

Wright, Saundra & Jennifer Hay.  2002.  Fred and Wilma: a phonological
conspiracy.  In Sarah Benor, Mary Rose, Devyani Sharma, Julie
Sweetland, & Qing Zhang (eds.), Gendered practices in language
(Stanford CA: CSLI Publications, 2002), 175-91.

- plus two further items cited by Wright & Hay:

Cassidy, Kimberly W., Michael H. Kelly, & Lee'at Sharoni.  In
press.  Inferring gender from name phonology.  Journal of Experimental
Psychology: General.

Slater, Anne Saxon & Saul Feinman.  1985.  Gender and the phonology
of North American first names.  Sex Roles 13.429-40.

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