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TRICK OR TREAT--The October 1941 SATURDAY EVENING POST "trick or treat" was
discussed here (by me) a long time ago.  I work very hard so no one can read
 these things.
   I don't think the 1937 citation is legit, but I'll check it on Saturday.
   I reported the custom in New York in the 1930s, but it was not called
"trick or treat."

HISTORICAL NEWSPAPERS--The Brooklyn Public Library will make the BROOKLYN
DAILY EAGLE available on their web site sometime next year.  This will help
on Coney Island stuff, from "hot dog" to "close, but no cigar."  Maybe it'll
have a "hero" sandwich at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.
   The attached is from ProQuest.  The good news is that the WASHINGTON POST
is now available, and the LOS ANGELES TIMES and CHICAGO TRIBUNE will soon be
available.  So we'll check on "Caesar Salad" and "Chicago deep-dish pizza"
and "Windy City" by next year, although the Tribune will still get it wrong.
   The bad news is that the NEW ORLEANS TIMES-PICAYUNE and the SAN FRANCISCO
CHRONICLE won't be available by next year.  The T-P would have helped my
research into New Orleans foods enormously.  The CHRONICLE would have had
"cioppino" and "hoodlum" and "jazz."  Oh well, there's also the CHRISTIAN

--Barry Popik

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Hello, Barry,

Glad to see you like Historical Newspapers!  And that you're interested in
regional newspapers as well.  Currently we are focusing on developing the
digital versions of the key national newspapers's back files.  We've just
released the Washington Post in addition to the New York Times and Wall
Street Journal.  In November, we'll release the Christian Science Monitor.

In 2003, we're working on the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune.  For
other regional papers, we're in negotiations with publishers now and will
continue to be in the next several years.  In essence, it will probably be
2004 before we launch the more regional papers.  That's about as much as we
can tell you at this time.

Hope this information is helpful and thanks again for your comments and

Best regards, Chris

Chris Cowan
Vice President, Historical Newspapers
ProQuest Information and Learning
300 N. Zeeb Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI  48103
ph: 800-521-0600, ext. 6204
email: christopher.cowan at il.proquest.com

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