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IN LIKE FLYNN (continued)

   From THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, 1 November 2002, "Hollywood's Latest
Courtroom Drama," weekend section pg. W15, col. 5:

   Errol Flynn's legal counsel put the leading man on the witness stand to
refute statutory rape charges before an all-female jury.  His summary
acquittal and enhanced swashbuckler's image led to the coining of the term
"in like Flynn," a mantra of consequence-free action.

   Didn't the NEW YORK TIMES F.Y.I. section state that it comes from Boss
Flynn of the Bronx?  The NEW YORK TIMES or the WALL STREET JOURNAL--which one
to believe?
   As I said, the Peter Tamony collection indicates that the term was used
BEFORE Errol Flynn's trial.  But I'm not in a rush here.  We'll have full
text of the LOS ANGELES TIMES in a few months.  It's going to have something
about movie star Errol Flynn.  I'll report back.



   The same WSJ weekend section has an article on "The New Restaurant Scene."
 There aren't many new or regional terms to report here, but from pg. W2,
col. 2:

   Not that there aren't new food trends.  While Pan-Asian and comfort foods
(meatloaf is in) still rule, several restaurants are suddenly dancing to a
Latin beat, or even to a Turkish one.  Communal tables are popping up all
over the country, tasting portions are popular and gnocchi is the new
(Col. 4--ed.)
   IN A BURST OF PATRIOTISM, a hose of "New American" restaurants, such as
Local 66 and Firefly, are opening in the national's capital.



   I can't wait for LOS ANGELES TIMES online.  A little "cheeseburger" query,
to see if Louisville's claim is valid or not.  "Chili dog."  "Corn dog."
"Tri tip sandwich."  "French dip sandwich."  "Hot fudge sundae."  And then
the CHICAGO TRIBUNE online.  So what else is there?
   I'll visit Columbia University on Monday (you can buy a monthly pass for
$55), and I checked out the online databases.  Columbia has WALL STREET
JOURNAL full text from ProQuest.  I didn't see the WASHINGTON POST full text
on the menu, but that could be just that the menu wasn't updated.  I'll do
ProQuest Historical Newspapers and hope that the WP is there.
   The GERRITSON COLLECTION is online at Columbia and NYU, but not at the
NYPL.  It's a large collection of women's periodicals.  There may be some
food items to record there.
   THE NATION is at Columbia, but not at NYU or NYPL.  It's very useful for
political terms of the past 100-plus years.
   The AMERICAN PERIODICAL SERIES is at Columbia, but I didn't see it at NYU
or NYPL.  It's not all online yet, but there are a lot of wonderful period
icals here.  PUCK was a leading comic periodical published in New York City,
and we'll have full text searching of that.  That's just one goodie--I'll
check it on Monday.



NEW YORK POST.  Front page of today's NEW YORK DAILY NEWS.  The most
important news story in the world today!
   What makes it especially sickening is that the POST had a photographer
stalk the pregnant SJP for months, submitting photos to PAGE SIX.
   Neither newspaper put my "Big Apple" work on the front page.  The NEW YORK
DAILY NEWS never covered it at all.

PARKING VIOLATIONS "MITIGATION MEMO"--Yesterday at work, I was warned to
follow the now-infamous and illegal "mitigation memo."  Judges can no longer
mitigate the now $105 fine for a "crosswalk," for example.  The city is not
required to paint crosswalk lines, and can sock you $105 (plus tow) for an
inch of your bumper over the imaginary line.  This drama happens every day at
every street corner.
   Some of this stuff would be a scandal, but it won't be, as long as there
are Jennifer Aniston photos around.

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