ex to grind

Peter Richardson prichard at LINFIELD.EDU
Mon Nov 4 21:35:19 UTC 2002

Woops. No, I didn't mean to suggest that "ex to grind" should be in a
dictionary. My query went to the existence of such word-play in any
lexical sources other than the obvious "word fun" books that abound.
Something like "ex to grind" would carry with it the obvious association
with _ex_ and serve as another attestation--should one be needed. That is,
puns confirm the currency of their targets, and I was wondering whether,
given that fact, they ever serve / have ever served as entry-worthy
material. Dodi spoke to that question with her third sentence, below.


> Peter Richardson suggests that the above phrase should be in a dictionary.
> Why? It's not a new meaning, just a play on words. I've never heard of
> dictionaries' including wordplay.
> --Dodi Schultz

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