Jack Rose cocktail (1905)

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Tue Nov 5 01:51:33 UTC 2002

   I was looking unsuccessfully for other cocktail names.  I discussed this in September 2000, in a cite from TAP & TAVERN.  (See ADS-L archives.)

   22 April 1905, NATIONAL POLICE GAZETTE, pg. 14:

_Wise Bartenders will Get Good Tips in This Column._
   Frank J. May, better known as Jack Rose, is the inventor of a very popular cocktail by that name, which has made him famous as a mixologist.  He is at present looking after the managerial affairs of Gene Sullivan's Cafe, at 187 Pavonia avenue, Jersey City, N. J., one of the most popular resorts in that city.  Mr. May takes an active interest in sports, and as a wrestler could give many of the professional wrestlers a warm argument.

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