dialectology in grad schools?

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Tue Nov 5 03:09:41 UTC 2002

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<<  A question about graduate school programs:

I know that dialect fanatics can apply to programs in either sociolinguistics
or anthropological linguistics.  Are there grad programs that specifically
focus on dialectology, however?

-Joshua >>

Anymore, is there is a difference between the study of dialectology and the
study of sociolinguistics. Even the "old line" dialect geographers (e.g.,
Raven McDavid, Harold Allen) recognized that there were social dimensions to
linguistic variation (hence the Type IA, IB, II, III etc. speakers). All that
has happened in the last 30 years can really be looked upon as an extension
of their original insights. If the question is, Do people today study dialect
apart from society, I think the answer is pretty much "no"!

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