Razzberry (1920)

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Tue Nov 5 06:53:23 UTC 2002

   Nobody remembers that I recently searched for both "Razzberry" and "Bronx Cheer" in NEW YORK TIMES full text?  A month or two ago, and EVERYBODY forgets?
   I'd posted "razzberry" from 1921, but here's a year earlier from the American Periodical Series online database.

   April 1920, OVERLAND MONTHLY AND OUT WEST MAGAZINE, pg._011 (??):

_Omnipotent Tradition_
College Tale With a Moral
   "But Dick," hinted the man holding Bob's arms, "the kid is a game and a clean fighter.  Let's not be too hard on him."
   "Razzberry," roared the husky sophomore with the numeral sweater, who still retained a tenacious grip upon Nick's coat collar, "we've got to show these youths that rules are rules."

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