Being Googled

Jan Ivarsson TransEdit jan.ivarsson at TRANSEDIT.ST
Tue Nov 5 08:24:04 UTC 2002

>"Barney Google and his goo-goo-googly eyes" (a song whose age I won't even
>estimate) implies that "Google" (a proper name) has spawned the adjective
>"googly" and therefore it should not be improbable that someone would also
>use it as a verb ("Barney googled Miss X...").  Actually this derivation fits
>your context better than a derivation from the name of the Internet search
>engine.  In a bar (particularly if the bar in question is notorious as a
>pick-up bar) one is more likely to notice having eyed in a strange or
>remarkable manner than to notice one's Web pages have just been examined.

Isn't an allusion to the verb "ogle" implied?

Jan Ivarsson
jan.ivarsson at

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