evidence for "gen up" rather than "gin up"

David Bergdahl einstein at FROGNET.NET
Tue Nov 5 22:38:01 UTC 2002

from http://www.wfyes.co.uk/prod04.htm (the Youth Enquiry Service):

'Gen up on' is an information tape which covers five topics identified by a
group of young people. The topics covered are: drugs, alcohol, the police,
homelessness and money.

The young people involved interviewed various experts such as the Chief
Constable for Fife and the manager of a local housing project. They put the
experts in the 'hot seat' to ascertain the information they required.

On completion of the interviews, the young people gathered all the
information and headed for the studios to edit and produce the information

The final product is a young people friendly, easy to listen to audio tape
full of relevant information for young people and is available from the YES.

Gen up on... costs just £4 plus £3

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