Hopping John (1834)

Beverly Flanigan flanigan at OHIOU.EDU
Thu Nov 7 15:50:42 UTC 2002

Sounds like a great recipe for the holidays!

>May, 1834
>Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
>Volume VIII Page 244
>"What shall we have?--It's cold.--What d'ye say to Hopping John, made Tom
>Nottle's fashion?--Landlord, mix a pint of brandy wi' half a gallon of
>your best cider, sugared to your own taste; and d'ye mind?--pop in about a
>dozen good roasted apples, hissing hot, to take the chill off."
>In a short time, the two cousins were seated by the fire, in a little room
>behind the bar of the Sawney's Cross, with a smoking bowl of liquor on the
>table before them, and Ned Creese assisting them to empty it.  By degrees,
>the cousins became elevated, and their chat was enlivened by budding jokes
>and choice flowers or rustic song.  Harry's forehead frequently reminded
>him, in the midst of his glee, of the (Word missing?--ed.) in the road;
>and he recurred to it, for the fifth time, since the sitting, as Ned
>brought in a second beverage of hot Hopping John:--"I'd lay a wager I know
>where my blind galloway is, just about now," quoth he; "it's odd to me if
>he isn't stopping at the Dragon's Head, where he always pulls up, and
>tempts me to call for a cup of cider and a mouthful of hay.

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