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Does anyone know exactly how Bret Favre pronounces his name? I keep hearing
Farv by the announcers.

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> >  ISTM I used to hear the name of Peter Lougheed, erstwhile premier of
> >  Alberta, pronounced "Lockheed" -- like the airplane mfr. -- on CBC.
> >  Sometimes  also pronounced "La-heed."
> The Lockheed Corporation was founded in 1913 by the brothers Malcolm and
> Allan Loughead.  The spelling was deliberately changed to "Lockheed",
> probably so customers would know how to pronounce the name of the company.
> This seems to imply that "Loughead" was pronounced /lock heed/.
> By the way, the Loughead brothers' first plane was called the "Model G" to
> hide the fact that it was their first design effort.
>        - Jim Landau

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