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Sat Nov 9 00:20:07 UTC 2002

It may be partially explained by the fact that Puyallup has a heavy bedroom
presence from adjacent Ft. Lewis and McChord AFB.  Both the parents and
their neighbors may well not have been native there.

I've been amused by the spelling of given names and have concluded that it
seems most likely that the parents didn't spell well..
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Just 10 minutes ago I had a student in my room and somehow this town came up
in conversation.  She said her family was from 'pew-YAllup.'  I had never
heard that before and asked her to repeat it, and she clearly said
pew-YAllup.  I didn't get a chance to press her further, but maybe she has
just been gone from there for so long that she uses her own pronunciation.
But that does seem a bit odd--she would surely have heard the word spoken by
her parents.

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