Kahuna, Moi, Ono, Opelu (Re: Aku, Mahimahi (1836))

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Sat Nov 9 20:29:43 UTC 2002

   On second thought, he's a few more words from this 1836 book, A VOCABULARY OF WORDS IN THE HAWAIIAN LANGUAGE, by Lorrin Andrews:

Pg. 8:
A-KU-LE, _s._ a species of fish.

Pg. 27:
O-NO, _v._ to be or become sweet, to relish as food, to have a sweet taste, to be savory.

Pg. 28:
O-PE-LU, _s._ a species of fish, mackerel.

Pg. 61:
KA-HU-NA, _s._ general name of one who has a trade or practices a profession; _kahuna pule_, a priest; _kahuna lapaau_, a physician; _kahuna kalai laau_, a carpenter, &c.; _kahuna kala_, a silversmith.
KA-HU-NA, _v._ to exercise a profession, to work at the appropriate business of one.
KA-HU-NA-AO, _s._ a preacher, a pulpit teacher.
KA-HU-NA-LA-PA-AU, _s._ _kahuna_ and _lapaau_ to heal; a doctor, a physician.
Pg. 62:
KA-HU-NA-PU-LE, _s._ _kahuna_ and _pule_ prayer; a priest, one who publicly officiates in the exercises of religion.
KA-HU-NA-PE-LE, _s._ the priest or priestess of _Pele_.

Pg. 102:
MO-I, _s._ a species of fish.

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