Washington Post online in Columbia University, LOC?

Bapopik at AOL.COM Bapopik at AOL.COM
Sun Nov 10 05:22:31 UTC 2002

   I queried both Columbia University and the Library of Congress about
WASHINGTON POST online, which ProQuest told me was now available.  Neither
has it yet.
   The WASHINGTON POST, of course, has important political reporting.  It
also has some good early sports (baseball) reporting, and better early food &
drink articles (PA Dutch?  Baltimore Crab Cakes?) than the NEW YORK TIMES.


Dear Mr. Popik,

Thank you for your inquiry about the Washington Post via Historical
Newspapers.   As "resource coordinator" for the Historical Newspapers
database, I am currently discussing the Washington Post with Proquest and
communicating with my colleagues about purchasing the database.  While we
are very interested in the Washington Post, I cannot tell you when we will
be adding it to our collection.  There are variables in the decision making
and purchasing process that make it difficult to say when a product will be
up and running.

I appreciate your input - requests from patrons are an important part of
our collection development process.  I would be happy to send you a
follow-up email in the near future when I have more concrete information.


Jim Galbraith

Electronic Services and Reference Librarian
Business and Economics Library
jg2140 at columbia.edu


Dear Barry Popik,

Thank you for your use of the QuestionPoint Service.

Question ID: 41399

Question: ProQuest Historical Newspapers now offers full text online
searching of the WASHINGTON POST.  Do you get it?  Can I use it on Saturday
Librarian Reply:  We have budgeted FY03 funds to purchase a subscription to
ProQuest Historical Newspapers file of the Washington Post.  Since Congress
has not yet passed appropriations to cover legislative branch activities, the
Library hasn't yet issued a purchase order.  We do have access to the New
York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

We regret we can't help you at this time--but soon we will be providing
access to this valuable online file.

Good luck with your research.

Lyle W. Minter,
Head, Newspaper and Current Periodical Room
Library of Congress

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