NYC (1870); Empire City (1832); Empire State (1833)

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   The MAKING OF AMERICA database, Mich-Books, has ONE HUNDRED YEARS'
PROGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES (Hartford,  Conn.: L. Stebbins, 1870), pg. 217.
 There are five hits for "NYC."  Yes, the thing is for railrods, but I don't
think "NYC" here is New York Central.
   If you don't like that, I have others.



   The DICTIONARY OF AMERICANISMS has 1838 for "Empire City" (New York City).

   These are from the American Periodical Series online.
   "Empire City" is allegedly in a 29-page review of TWO YEARS AND A HALF IN
THE NAVY (the book I just read), in THE AMERICAN QUARTERLY REVIEW, December
1832, page 457+.  I didn't see it there, though.
   The next citations are from THE KNICKERBOCKER.  There's November 1836,
pages 620+ and 631+.  I didn't look at those yet.



   See also "The  empire state" in THE FAMILY MAGAZINE. volume 2, pp. 71-72.
I didn't check that out yet on the American Periodical Series.
   There's also the NORTH AMERICAN REVIEW, July 1833, pg. 190 (continuing for
60 pages).  I also didn't look at that, but I think it's on MOA-Cornell.

   April 1833, AMERICAN TURF REGISTER, pg. 418:
   Will the Old Dominion pocket this?  Where are Mary Randolph, Goliah,
Flying Dutchman, Zinganee, Trifle? and then the Empire state, with her Black
Maria, O'Kelly, Medoc, Terror, Miss Mattie of New Jersey, and Mr. Craig's

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