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On Mon, 11 Nov 2002, Beverly Flanigan wrote:

> Sorry to sound so out of it, but I'm trying to remember "Louie Louie" and
> wondering why it would be significant to Washington--not to mention to Paul
> Wellstone, for whom it was apparently a favorite song.  Anyone know?

This is from:

"Was "Louie Louie" ever made a state song in Washington or Oregon?

Thanks in a large part to the folks behind KING-TV's "Almost Live"
television show in Seattle, Washington, "Louie Louie" almost became the
official state song of the state, edging out the current official state
song, "Washington, My Home." While it never became the "official state
song" of Washington, it was instead deemed the "official rock song" of
Washington, inspiring other states to also declare "official rock songs."
The state of Oregon tried to also make "Louie Louie" their state song, but
it too, fell short."

The song was written by Richard Berry (1935-1997) b. in  Extension, LA. He
wrote the song in 1955 and it was released as a single with Berry and The
Pharaohs in 1957 on Flip Records. The Kingsmen (from Portland, OR)
recorded in Louie Louie in 1963 in Portland. It had been recorded by The
Wailers in 1961 and a few days after the Kingsmen by Paul Revere and the
Raiders (band members from Idaho and Oregon).

The song doesn't seem to have much historical connection to Washington at
all, except for the KING-TV campaign.

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