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Wed Nov 13 16:43:48 UTC 2002

   We had "limousine liberals" in New York...

Pelosi mocked as S.F.'s 'latte liberal'
Conservatives say her rise helps them

<A HREF="mailto:msandalow at">Marc Sandalow, Washington Bureau Chief</A>      Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Washington -- As House Democrats prepare to make eight-term Rep. Nancy Pelosi
their leader, a good portion of the ruling pundocracy seem to be having a
grand time questioning -- if not outright ridiculing -- the party's judgment
for turning to a San Franciscan. "Are the Democrats about to go insane?"
begins a feature on Pelosi in the latest edition of the "Weekly Standard," a
popular journal among conservatives. The story, running beside a cartoon
sketch of the Pacific Heights resident is headlined: "The Pelosi Democrats:
Are they going to become the stupid party?" While Republican Speaker Dennis
Hastert of Illinois and current Democratic leader Dick Gephardt of Missouri
hail from the heartland, Pelosi's left coast home evokes stereotypes too
powerful for political image-makers to ignore. "Latte liberal," screams the
conservative National Review. "About as San Francisco as you can get without
digging up Jerry Garcia," says the Australian Financial Review to its readers
halfway across the globe. (...)

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