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>Barry, do you find, as I do, that American Periodical Series has a huge
>percentage of false hits for the earlier years, like 90%?  I find this
>substantially detracts from its usefulness.

To Barry and Fred, and anyone else concerned with the accuracy of the

With the 100th anniv. of the teddy bear, and The Washington Post's claims
that they started it all with the Berryman cartoon (what about the Bear
named Theodore Roosevelt aka Teddy at the Bronx Zoological Park in 1901?) I
did some searches on ProQuest Times Full text.

The Times ran a series called the Roosevelt Bears starring Teddy-G and
Teddy-B by Paul Piper starting on January 7, 1906.  I wasn't trying to
antedate anything (actually I was doing it for my mom - the certified Bear
repair-woman). Anyway,  the point is that this series ran from Jan 6 to
about June 22 in what looks to be 28 installments every Sunday. Approx. 16
of the installments seem to be missing. Makes me wonder what else isn't there.

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